'Vine you p****!': Jeremy Vine meets foul-mouthed Amazon driver

‘Vine you p****!’: Jeremy Vine tweets video of foul-mouthed Amazon delivery driver getting in his way as he cycles to work

  • The BBC presenter was accosted by the man who called him a ‘p****’
  • The star has branded the interaction with the man ‘ridiculous’ on Twitter

BBC Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine has released a video apparently showing him being accosted in the street by an Amazon delivery man who brands him a ‘p****’. 

In the video, filmed in London, the 57-year-old can be seen approaching a white van and edging out into the road where he runs into the man, seen carrying multiple Amazon packages. 

After recognising Vine, the man is filmed saying: ‘Vine, you p****’. 

Incredulous, the Channel 5 presenter replied: ‘What me? Why?’.

In response, the unidentified man once again called Mr Vine a ‘p****’. 

MailOnline has reached out to Amazon and Mr Vine for more clarification on the incident. 

Jeremy Vine has released a video of his interaction with an ‘Amazon delivery driver’ on the road 

The man upon recognising Vine, promptly and aggressively branded him a ‘p****’

It remains unclear if the mystery shouter is indeed an employee of Amazon

Jeremy Vine has made a name for himself on twitter with his cycling content (Pictured here avoiding a bus in an earlier clip)

The cycle campaigner released the clip on Twitter, where he posts footage of his interactions with motorists.

Captioning it, he said: ‘I know Amazon say they give a personal service, but this is bloody ridiculous.’

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The star was soon inundated with messages of support and shock from fellow cyclists and his followers.

One said: ‘What is up with people? why do so many people feel like hurling abuse whenever they feel like it.’

Another said: ‘Big chip on his shoulder about something.’ 

Another joked: ‘On the positive side, at least he recognised you straight away.’

Others warned Vine not to assume the man was an amazon driver just because he had a lot of packages. 

They said: ‘Not necessarily an Amazon delivery driver. I mean I don’t care either way but objectively speaking it could be a third party driver or some Herbert with returns.’ 

Others said Vine, himself a stickler for road safety, had actually been in the right with his conduct. 

One said: ‘So he crosses behind the white van assuming it’s safe to do so as the way is blocked, you then swerve around it rather than just hang on a second with a bit of courtesy, then it’s the delivery man’s fault. 

‘Even not in that situation his description of you is bang on and factual.’ 

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