Want A New Job? It May Be Harder Than Ever To Get One Now

It looks the Great Resignation era is officially over.

Or at least that’s the gist of a new Harris Poll study that analyzed job seekers’ shaky pursuit of new jobs in an evolving workforce that seems to no longer be in their control. Late 2020 into last year saw a rapid clip of worker movement, with many securing higher paying jobs due to employer desperation to fill empty role that were vacated during the pandemic’s height.

That time seems to be over, as the new report found more than 70% of respondents sharing it was more difficult to find a new job than they had anticipated.

Additionally, Bloomberg reported more than a third of employed Americans are looking to switch jobs, per the Harris Poll but 72% of job seekers say companies are behaving as if they don’t want to hire anyone, due to ignored applications and lackadaisical interview scheduling.

This is a far cry from the golden era of the Great Resignation.

About one in three working Americans switched jobs over the past two years, citing higher wages as the most common reason, per a new PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll.

“Employees are more prepared to attach consequences to their unhappiness or not getting what they want,” said Sander van ‘t Noordende, Ranstand’s CEO in an April interview with Bloomberg. “They’re prepared to quit their job if they’re not happy. Employers really have to raise their game in terms of personalizing the work experience for every individual employee.”

But, as the new Harris Poll points out, the tide has turned for workers with a grass-is-greener perspective on job hunting.

Those surveyed shared that the process to secure a new role has been arduous for them. Six in 10 say they’ve sought out a new job for over six months, and nearly half report putting in applications for more than 50 positions to no avail. 

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