What is the yellow vaccine passport?

CORONAVIRUS vaccines may change the way people travel forever.

Over 107million vaccines have already been administered in the US, or just about 21 percent of the population, as the world begins to adapt to a new normal.

What is the yellow vaccine passport?

The yellow vaccine passport is a new digital tool that will store your coronavirus test results and proof of vaccination from a lab.

The passport will also feature other resources for travelers, like nearby testing sites for travelers.

The app may allow travelers to visit countries that otherwise have travel restrictions and prevent them from having to follow quarantine rules or lockdown measures.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is currently developing the app, and it will also include basic information that is also found in a regular passport.

Is the yellow vaccine passport app free?

The app is currently undergoing pilot testing with several carriers and airlines now, according to the IATA. 

IATA’s app is speeding up the process to try and release the app as soon as possible.

Is the yellow vaccine passport app safe to use?

Perry Flint, a spokesperson for the IATA told ABC-7 that the app will not have a central database that will store sensitive information. 

Instead, the information would reside on your own device to be shared at your discretion.

The sensitive data contained in the app could pose a download problem to those who do not wish to have personal information, such as passport numbers, stored on their cell phone.

Flint said: “We’ve been working hard on this, but we also need governments to agree on the standards for digital testing and vaccination certificates.”

There is no exact release date but it may be out into the public by the end of March or April 2021.

Flint said the app would be free to users but the pricing model would be figured out between airlines and IATA.

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