Who is Shannon Matthews' dad Leon Rose and where is he now?

LEON Rose is the father of Shannon Matthews, the girl who was abducted by her own mum Karen.

Rose played no part in his daughter’s disappearance and was said to be “devastated” when he learned what had happened.

Who is Leon Rose?

Leon Rose had been in a relationship with Karen Matthews but the pair had split up and Rose had been in a new relationship since 1998.

At the time of Shannon’s disappearance he was living in Huddersfield where he lived with Tracey Goldsmith and their two kids.

That relationship ended in 2008 and Rose now works as a photographer.

He remarried in 2014.

Was he involved in Shannon Matthews' disappearance?

He was not involved in Shannon’s disappearance from her Dewsbury home in February 2008.

She was just nine years old at the time.

Shannon was found 24 days later hidden in the base of a bed at the Batley Carr home of her stepfather’s uncle Michael Donovan, following a huge search for the schoolgirl which involved hundreds of West Yorkshire police officers as well as volunteers.

The police operation reportedly cost around £3.2million, the largest the force had undertaken since the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper.

Mother-of-seven Karen had hatched a plan to stage her daughter's disappearance and keep her captive in the hope of claiming a £50,000 reward.

Donovan, then 40, and Karen, 33 at the time, were imprisoned for eight years later that year for kidnapping Shannon.

When did Leon Rose split from Karen Matthews?

Rose and Matthews split up before Shannon was abducted.

They separated when Shannon was around two years old.

At the time of Shannon’s disappearance Matthews was living with fishmonger Craig Meehan, 22 at the time, in Dewsbury.

Meehan played no part in Shannon’s abduction.

In an unrelated incident though Meehan was convicted of possessing child pornography on his computer.

What has Leon Rose said about Shannon's kidnapping?

Rose's ex Ms Goldsmith told the Daily Mail in 2017 that he “thought the world” of his daughter.

When he first heard of Shannon’s disappearance he initially thought she had run away from home.

He would drive over to Dewsbury every day to help in the search.

Ms Goldsmith said she became suspicious of Karen as the search went on.

She said: “Things didn’t add up. Karen was doing TV appearances, doing appeals and smirking.

“She was eating in front of the cameras. We couldn’t eat because we were sick to the stomach. We felt we were in a horrible dream.”

Rose was “over the moon” when the news broke Shannon had been found, with Ms Goldsmith saying: “It was like he had won the lottery, but it was better than money. He had his daughter back.”

Although when the truth emerged he was “devastated”, with Ms Goldsmith claiming the stress of Shannon’s disappearance causedtheir break-up in 2008.

MsGoldsmith said: “It was the stress (over Shannon) that caused the break up. What Karen did led us to split up.”

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