Who was Kyle Clinkscales and when did he go missing?

KYLE Clinkscales was a University of Auburn student who went missing in 1976.

On December 8, 2021, details of Clinkscales' disappearance came to light.

Who was Kyle Clinkscales and when did he go missing?

Clinkscales was a 22-year-old Auburn student who hailed from LaGrange, Georgia.

In 1976 he set out from LaGrange to return to Auburn as a junior student, however, he was never heard from again.

He was working as a bartender at Moose Club at the time.

Clinkscales was driving a Ford Pinto Runabout at the time of his disappearance.

Clinkscales' father, John Dixon Clinkscales, published a book in 1981 called “Kyle’s Story: Friday Never Came.”

His father died in 2007, and his mother died in 2021. Clinkscales was their only child.

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What were the developments in Kyle Clinkscales' case?

On December 8, deputies with the Chambers County Sheriff's Office were notified of a submerged car found in a creek off of County Road 83.

Upon investigation, authorities found what they think are human bones along with identification and credit cards belonging to Clinkscales, Troup County, Georgia, Sheriff James Woodruff said at a news conference.

Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Stewart Smith said other personal items identified as belonging to Clinkscales also were found inside the vehicle.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking through the vehicle for additional bones to determine whether or not they belong to the missing Georgia student.

What did people say about Kyle Clinkscales on Twitter?

Twitter users took to the app to weigh in on the case.

"It’s been 45 years that the Clinkscales family gone without answers. As a mom, I couldn’t imagine not knowing where my child is. Kyle Clinkscales would have turned 68-yrs old on October 2nd …it’s crazy how time flies past," one user wrote.

"Oh wow, I'm familiar with the disappearance of Kyle Clinkscales. His father once wrote a book about his case and it was once featured in a roll call of missing persons during an Unsolved Mysteries episode. Let's hope these remains turn out to be Kyle," one said of the news.

"I’ve been aware of his missing person case since my younger years. My dad played high school basketball with Kyle and was close with his parents. Wow," one remarked.

"I'm glad there's some closure to this case, but I wish Kyle's parents were still alive to know. They were really sweet people," another tweeted.

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