Who was Walter Mondale's wife Joan Mondale?

JOAN Mondale was the wife of former Vice President Walter Mondale, who died, aged 93.

She was second lady from 1977 to 1981 after the Democrat nominee Jimmy Carter and his running mate Mr Mondale defeated Gerald Ford in the 1980 US presidential election.

Who was Walter Mondale's wife Joan Mondale?

Joan Mondale was born in 1930 in Oregon, moving to Pennslyvania with her parents when she was five years old.

In 1955, she met her husband-to-be Walter Mondale, a law student.

They were engaged 53 days after going out on their first blind date before being married by her reverend father on December 27, 1955. 

The couple had three children, Theodore Adams, Eleanor Jane, and William Hall.

She was an active Democrat and, when her husband was Attorney General of Minnesota, she was elected chairwoman of the Seventh Ward of the Democratic Farmer-Labor party in Minneapolis.

She had a keen interest in art, and following Jimmy Carter's 1976 election victory, she filled the Vice President's home with works of art.

Mrs Mondale later earned the nickname "Joan of Art" for her devotion to the arts.

What was Joan Mondale's cause of death?

Joan Mondale's family announced on February 2, 2014, that she had gone into a hospice suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

She died the following day, aged 83, surrounded by her family and was later cremated.

Mrs Mondale had also had Lewy Body dementia and Parkinson's disease.

Following his wife's death, Mr Mondale said: "If we could find a breakthrough for Alzheimer’s, not only would we improve countless lives, but we have the potential to save the country a projected $1.1 trillion in care costs by 2050.

“Research is absolutely essential—if we can find real answers to these diseases, even if they’re expensive, they’ll pay for themselves.”

Did Walter Mondale and Joan Mondale have children?

Walter and Joan Mondale had three children, Theodore (Ted) Adams, Eleanor Jane, and William Hall.

Their daughter Eleanor was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died at the age of 51 in 2011.

She had defeated brain cancer in 2005, but was told in 2008 that a small tumor had returned.

The couple's eldest brother Ted served in the Minnesota State Senate before seeking the Democratic Party nomination as Minnesota governor in 1998.

William is an an attorney and former Assistant Attorney General of Minnesota.

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