Wicked stepmum boiled husband's two-year-old son alive in the bath after 'heated row'

A WICKED stepmum boiled her husband’s two-year-old son alive in the bath following a “heated argument”. 

The woman, from Jordan, has been caged for twenty years for the sick act.

The stepmum, whose name has not been disclosed, had been asked by her husband to take care of his children, aged four and two.

But after a “heated argument” with her two-year-old stepson, she decided to “take revenge” on the tot in a horrifying attack on October 1, 2018, court documents revealed.

The sick stepmum poured boiling water into the bathtub – and placed the helpless child inside. 

When the boy started screaming, she removed him from the tub and he was taken to a nearby hospital – but died two weeks later as a result of first-degree burns.  

The court heard that the attack was part of a string of abusive acts, with legal papers noting that the woman "would often beat up the children and mistreat them”.

Her legal team contested the verdict, arguing that she had never confessed to the murder.

But Jordan’s Supreme Court ruled that criminal proceedings had been accurate and the 20-year sentence was appropriate.

It comes after a cocaine addict mum who killed her baby daughter by pouring scalding hot water over her was jailed for life in December.

Katie Crowder, 26, had snorted three large lines of the white powder before deliberately soaking the 19-month-old in the bathroom of their home.

She then waited an hour before taking the unconscious child – who had burns to 65 percent of her body – to her parents' house two doors away, claiming she had 'just found her on the floor'.

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