Woman caught at JFK smuggling 3 pounds of cocaine ‘on and in’ her body: feds

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A woman at JFK Airport was busted when customs agents allegedly found drugs in her purse and bra — only to discover even more stashed inside her nether regions, authorities said.

Yerlina Lantigua Hernandez DeNova, a US resident, faces federal narcotics smuggling charges after border agents allegedly found three pounds of cocaine “on and in” her body upon her arrival from the Dominican Republic, US Customs and Border Protection said Tuesday.

Border agents allegedly initially uncovered three plastic pellets containing white powder in DeNova’s purse, the agency said. They then brought her into a private search room, where they found even more pellets in DeNova’s bra, the agency said.

At that point, DeNova allegedly revealed that she had even more pellets lodged in both her lower orifices.

Border agents ultimately retrieved 100 of the tiny containers from “on and in” DeNova’s body, authorities charged.

The substance was tested and identified as containing cocaine with an estimated street value of $94,000, according to CBP.

“This seizure is another example of our CBP officers being ever vigilant in protecting the United States from the distribution of these illicit drugs,” Marty Rabon, acting director of CBP’s New York field operations, said in a statement.

DeNova will be prosecuted in Brooklyn federal court.

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